Step-Saver Stair lift
prod2-1  Battery powered with constant charging so it’s ready when you need it.

Neutral design fits into your home decoration.

Quick and easy installation.

prod2-2      The Step-Saver Stair lift gives you easy access to another level, whenever you need it. Using constant charge battery powered operation, the Step-Saver stays charged and ready to go. You can even use your Step-Saver during a power failure. The traveling rail mounts close to the wall, while the seat and footrest fold to 15½” allowing easy access to the stairs when not in use. The reliable rack and pinion drive system powers the chair for a smooth ride. Two infrared remote controls are included to operate or call the stair lift to position when needed.
  •  A continuous charge system along the     travel  rail ensures that the stair lift is always charged and ready to go
  • The seat and arms fold up to 14” (356 mm) and the footrest to 17.3” (439 mm) from the wall to keep the unit compact when not in use, allowing access the stairs
  • The padded sear swivels and locks into position for safety at  45  ̊ and 90  ̊ when getting on and off the chair, arms adjust from 18”   (475 mm)  to 21” (53 mm) apart
  • The unit can be mounted on the left or right side of the stairs at the time of installation    (field reversible)
  • The seat and armrests are upholstered in light beige wipe-clean vinyl
  • The rack and pinion drive provides a smooth and reliable ride
  • Obstruction sensors stop the stair lift if it meets an object while it travels up or down
  • Easy to operate armrest control and two infrared remote controls included
  • For stairs with a door or hall at the bottom, an optional flip-up rail is available (constant charge system not available for this option)


Applications Residential, indoors, straight-run stairs  
Capacity 300 lb (136 lg)
Nominal speed 20 ft/min (.10 m/s)
Maximum travel distance  32 ft (9.75 m)
Drive Rack and opinion
Motor ½ hp, 24 volt DC power that charges on Standard household power (110 VAC/240VAC)
Rate of incline   25  ̊ to 50  ̊
Warranty 36 months parts,
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Talk to a dealer about how the Step-Saver stairlift can give you the mobility you need in your home without major construction.
Your local dealer can ensure your Savaria product is installed to comply with local and national code.