About us

With enterprising vision together with rapid development in Thailand, in 1984, Khun Teerasak Tanapanyanun decided to establish an elevator equipment and fittings production business supplying landing doors, door frame, to large elevator distributors in Thailand. In the same year, Steel Works Products Part., Ltd. was established on 20 June 1984.

The company consistently developed trust from the customers due to their high quality and advanced technology of products.

In 1991, Thailand economic skyrocketed to the highest growth especially in Real Estate Sector. Khun Teerasak Tanapanyanun decided to establish OMC Elevator Co., Ltd on 11 December 1991, as a distributor company. The elevator-one-stop-solution company located on no. 9,11,13 Soi Samakkhi 59 Samakkhi Rd., Tasai , Muang, Nonthaburi 11000, providing distribution of passenger lift, freight lift , dumbwaiter lift as well as installation ,repair and aftersales services

In 1993, with continuous development and growing technology, the company had developed Elevator Drive system with collaboration from Japan in designing microprocessor controlling system and introduced this advance technology to Thai market.

Furthermore, the company had expanded new production site, Steel Works Products Co.,Ltd on 27 September 1994 to manufacture lift car equipment with advanced technology.

In 2000, company management analyzed various factors of market situation; such as the continuous growth in competition of elevator business, Thailand highly developed product quality and government support in export business and domestic sales. Therefore, managing director decided to invest in foreign joint venture and established OMC SANYU Elevator Company Limited distributing total solution of elevator equipment, escalators, passenger conveyor under the brand OMC SANYU. The brand is made in Thailand, by the Thais and supported by international technology

In order to response to current market demand for higher-speed, international-standard elevator, OMC SANYU has agreed to be a dealer of “Brilliant”, top Chinese international-standard elevator, escalator and passenger conveyor manufacturer.

For further development, OMC SANYU not only has improved product quality but also emphasized on developing standard of human resource as well. Therefore, personnel training program complying to standard ISO 9001: 2015, is designed to increase quality of sales, installation and after-sales service system.

OMC SANYU is determined to increase product and services standard to achieve objective of ISO 9001: 2015 in order to provide high quality of sales, installation and after-sales service systems.

OMC SANYU is determined to increase product and services standard to achieve quality objectives of ISO 9001: 2015. Therefore, company policy has been imposed;

“OMC SANYU determines for continuous development of world-class products and services towards excellency of customers satisfaction”