Incline Lift

OMC Incline Lift is specially designed to enhance convenience for hillside hotel or resort residents. It travels up steep gradient which is suitable for transporting elderly and wheelchairs. Furthermore, it can be installed outdoor which enables commuters to appreciate scenery on the go. Inclined elevators also add value to the hillside properties, hotels or resorts.

OMC is the only qualified inclined elevators manufacturer. The operation of the elevator is totally automated. OMC inclined elevator is highly accepted in many high standard hillside hotels and resorts. High technology is utilized in designing and manufacturing.

OMC Inclined Lift is driven by the most innovative technology, VVVF system. The system enables smooth speed shifting and energy saving. Embedded with Micro-computer controller, specially designed for inclined lift Microprocessor, the elevator is equipped by high-speed processing to respond automatically to change and ensure high standard of safety.

The installation can be made both indoor and outdoor. There are variety of designs to be chosen for different projects preferences.

OMC track inclination is between 20° and 40°, with 450-15,000 kg range of weight capacity. The sizes and designs can be manufactured as per projects’ preferences.