Stair Lift

OMC Stair Lift is designed to enhance convenience for elderly in inhouse traveling safely from one floor to another. A chair or lifting platform is designed to attached to the rail along the stairs. Outstanding benefits are less space consumption, simple installation process and affordable price. It can be installed to preconstructed stairs with international standard of facility for aging people and people with disability.

OMC Stair Lift is manufactured in and imported from China with expertise in manufacturing facilities, of world-wide distribution, for aging people and people with disability.

With photo-computer system, high resolution program for sketching stair rails, OMC designed the best fitted preconstructed stairs ensuring precision and less space consumption.

OMC Stair Lift has weight capacity of 120 kg, inclining speed of 6.8 meter/minutes accordingly to international standard. It is electronically driven by DC 24 Volts motor. With complete inspection equipment set accordingly to international standard, 100% safety can be entrusted. It can be operated by two sets of remote controllers.