Freight Lift

OMC Freight Lift is expertly designed for transporting goods and materials in warehouse, industrials and manufacturing environment. The body, motor and other components of the elevators are designed to support weights sufficiently towards safety standard. Total alarm system is installed accordingly to international standard.

OMC Freight Lift is driven by the most innovative technology, VVVF system. The system enables smooth speed shifting and energy saving. Embedded with Micro-computer controller, specially designed for Freight Lift Microprocessor, the elevator is equipped by high-speed processing to respond automatically to change and ensure high standard of safety.

OMC Freight Lift provides options of both Machine room and Machine room less elevators. Options of electric motor, hydraulic motor and winch motor driven are also available for different preferences and demands.

OMC Freight Lift provides weight capacity of 500-6000 kg, speed range of 30-60 meters/minute (further details are displayed in the table). Also, there are wide range sizes, weight capacity and speed to customize as per demand.