Home Lift

Home Lift OMC is designed for home use which is suitable for household with elders, patients or people with disability to facilitate commuting from and to different floor. Other than homey design, it is recognized of its less space consumption, installation time and low maintenance. Also, Home Lift OMC is energy saving and known of its international safety standard.

There are both domestic and import Home Lift in order to provide variety of choices to serve various house requirement. Home Lift OMC has both with or without motor drive or Hydraulic drive system which generates minimal construction impact of lift pit. There are also metal or aluminum prefabricated lift pit model with glass wall which is more cost-saving and appealing than concrete type. It is compatible with 220V 1 phase and 380V 3 phase electric system.

OMC Home Lift provides 3-8 persons capacity, with 250-640 kg weight limit, speed range 12-60 meters/minute, 2-5 floors access and various design to satisfy all kinds of preferences.