Passenger Lift

OMC Passenger Lift is specially designed to enhance convenience and time-saving multiple-stories-elevator riding for residents. OMC Passenger Lift is known for its design, speed and international standard safety. There are various speed and size to match the number of floors and residents.

OMC Passenger Lift is driven by the most innovative technology, VVVF system. The system enables smooth speed shifting and energy saving. Embedded with Micro-computer controller, specially designed for passenger lift Microprocessor, the elevator is equipped by high-speed processing to respond automatically to change and ensure high standard of safety.

OMC Passenger Lift provides both Machine room and Machine room less elevators in order to serve building with height limitations. Furthermore, there are numerous designs and sizes for different style preferences and demands.

OMC Passenger Lift provides speed range of 60-160 meters/minute, weight capacity of 450-2400 kg and wide range of styles and types to match lift compartment, body and standard height. Further details are displayed in the table;

Contact our consultant for suitable speed, size and quantity of elevator for the building.